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Our Mission & Vision

Patient-Centric: Embracing Empathy, Fostering Healing. Our Commitment: Putting Patients First, Every Decision, Every Care.

Vision : Striving to be the foremost Maternity and Paediatric Hospital within our town, we are committed to upholding international standards in clinical procedures. Our dedication to unwavering quality permeates all facets of our operations, ensuring excellence in every activity we undertake. We prioritize cultivating trust among our clients through genuine, service-oriented behavior, rooted in honesty and integrity. Our goal is to create a healthcare environment where patients and their families feel confident and valued, receiving the highest level of care delivered with compassion and dedication.

Mission : Committed to supporting our community in nurturing a brilliant next generation, our focus at Drs GEM Hospital is centered on providing comprehensive care. We specialize in offering the best infertility treatments whenever necessary and ensuring the periodic monitoring of pregnancies to mitigate any risks associated with unhealthy babies. Prioritizing the well-being of expectant mothers, we safeguard their health, empowering them for a pleasant delivery experience.
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24/7 Ambulance Service: Immediate, Reliable Care Anytime, Anywhere.

Exceptional Care

We offer exceptional care and support, delivering superior treatments and services for our patients.


Situated in the heart of Thrissur town in a three storied building
Committed To Care


Since its inception in 1982, Drs GEM Hospital has been an integral part of Thrissur’s maternity landscape, shaped by the visionary minds of Dr. TG Rajagopal, a distinguished Surgeon, and Dr. Anandavally, an esteemed Gynecologist. With a dedicated team of medical professionals, including nine Gynecologists, two Pediatrician/Neonatologists, and a range of specialists, our facility stands as a beacon of comprehensive healthcare.

Nestled in the heart of Thrissur town within a three-story building, our hospital is easily accessible to the public. We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art amenities, boasting advanced labor rooms, pre- and post-delivery observation areas, operation theaters, nurseries, and neonatal care wards. Our expertise extends to advanced laparoscopic surgeries, including normal and C-section deliveries, hysterectomy surgeries, tumor removals, and medical terminations under challenging conditions.

With a focus on early anomaly detection in pregnancies through modern scanning facilities and skilled laboratory technicians, we endeavor to prevent the enduring anguish faced by families due to mentally or physically challenged children. Offering general wards, private rooms, and air-conditioned luxury suites, our hospital accommodates diverse patient needs.

Recording approximately 300 child births monthly, our hospital prides itself on ample car parking space and a caring, approachable staff. At Drs GEM Hospital, our commitment to healthcare excellence is driven by compassionate care, cutting-edge facilities, and a relentless dedication to the well-being of our patients.

Beyond our state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical expertise, Drs GEM Hospital cherishes a profound commitment to community well-being. Our ethos revolves around not just treating illnesses but fostering a culture of health and wellness.

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