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At One Glance

Our Facilities

State-of-the-art amenities ensuring superior care and comfort for every patient.
Labour Rooms
Experience comfort and expert care in our advanced labor rooms, dedicated to ensuring a safe and serene childbirth journey for you.
Operation Theatres
Cutting-edge operation theatres equipped with advanced technology, ensuring precision and safety in every procedure.
Paediatric Clinics
Specialized care tailored for our youngest patients, providing comprehensive medical expertise in a warm and nurturing environment.
Scanning Rooms
Discover precise diagnostics in our advanced scanning room, overseen by skilled professionals, ensuring accurate and comfortable patient care.
Psychology Clinics
Embracing Mental Wellness: Our Psychology Clinic offers compassionate care and expert guidance for your mental health journey.
VIP & VVIP Rooms
In our nurturing nursery, every newborn receives specialized care within a secure haven, fostering healthy beginnings with utmost dedication.
Savor a variety of wholesome meals at our hospital's canteen, catering to your taste and well-being during your visit.
General Wards
Indulge in our well-equipped general ward for comprehensive care and comfort throughout your hospital stay.
VIP & VVIP Rooms
Exclusive VIP and VVIP rooms designed for unparalleled comfort and privacy at our hospital.
Skin Clinics
Experience precise healthcare outcomes with our state-of-the-art hospital laboratory, delivering advanced diagnostic solutions for optimal patient care.
Cutting-edge hospital laboratory providing advanced diagnostic solutions for accurate healthcare outcomes.
Your trusted source for quality medications and expert pharmaceutical care at our hospital pharmacy.
Accessible Healthcare Solutions for Every Budget

Affordable Healing
at Drs GEM

Experience compassionate care at Drs GEM, where quality meets affordability. Our commitment to your well-being means accessible healing solutions, ensuring everyone can receive the best treatment without breaking the bank.

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